1- What types of accounts can I see and manage with my Internet bank?
-By downloading the Internet bank, you can view your bank information and manage your accounts (current, savings, and current salary).
2- What are the banking benefits available to me using the Internet bank ?
-View your account balances - Transfers between your accounts. - Transfers between your Islamic Adviser's bank accounts. - Information about the branch network and ATMs.
Checkbook requests , suggestions or complaints. - Password changes to the Internet account - Currency exchange rates - the account for exchanges between currencies and
display deals list of murabaha and ijarah.
3- How can I view the list of beneficiaries using my internet bank ?
-After adding the beneficiaries, the beneficiaries are shown from a menu choose transfer funs and choose the beneficiaries.
4- How can the money be transferred between the beneficiaries?
-From the menu, choose transfer funds and choose beneficiaries . We click on the Add button and fill in the fields. After completing filling in the fields, click Next button on
the next page, click Execute. And then from the menu, choose Transfer to another beneficiary, choose the transferred account from it, choose the beneficiary, choose the
amount,and in the notes field,choose the reason for the transfer, then press the Next button,and then enter the password for the financial transfers, then execute and so the
transfer takes place.
5- How create transaction password?
-When transferring money, the transfer password must be entered. When choosing a money transfer to another beneficiary the transfer funds list, a password is required.
The password for the Internet user must be entered in the password field for entry and the next field. A new password is entered and the password is reconfirmed, then
Click the "next" button. The password is used for all financial transfers.
6-How to open a sub-account?
-When you want to open a sub-account, choose from the My Accounts menu. Open a sub-account. Fill in the fields, then press submit. A page appears that writes
the transaction password, then confirm. Thus, a sub-account is created.
7-How can I transfer money between my accounts through internet bank?
-When you want to transfer between client accounts, you must have a branch and you must have the transaction password (transfers). From the transfer funds list,
choose account to sub account transfer and fill in the following fields it appears and then press Next. A page appears for you type the password for the transaction password,
then click the submit button, and so the transfer is done.
8-How can I request a new check book through Internet Banking?
-When you want to request a check book, choose check book request from the My Accounts menu and fill in the fields, then click the Next button, review the information entered
and click the Confirm button.
9-How can I follow up with my check-book order requests through internet banking?
-You can follow check book requests by choosing follow up cheque book request from fullow ups list.
10-Does almustashar Islamic Bank receive any fee for using the internet banking?
-There are no fees for using online banking services. However, when using the check book request service, the check book request will be added to the bank’s transactions and
will be dealt with as if it was received in any of the bank’s branches based on the declared fees.
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